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Your photos should tell your story.

From the anticipation of meeting your newborn, to how it felt holding your baby in your arms, to the magic of their childhood and your life together as a family.

Your photos should record your very existence; where you belong, and your fierce, unwavering love. They should say: you are here, with them, and this is who you love, how you love and why you love.

You need enchanting, heartfelt photos that properly document the significance of this time in your life.

Timeless, sentimental, and FUN.

Photos for now, and later.

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Hi, I’m Megan.

Your Brisbane family photographer specialising in timeless, natural, heartfelt photography for sentimental families.

As a mum to two little boys, I understand the slow, inevitable heartbreak as your children grow and change.

As the years go by, photos will become a companion that transport you back to this time. All of the firsts, all of the lasts and all the beautiful moments in between.

I’ll capture the photos your heart aches for: emotive, joyful and unique to your family story.

The Experience

My goal is to provide you with a beautiful, stress-free experience you love. By the end of your session, my hope is that you feel more like a friend than a client.

Fill out the contact form with all the important details and I’ll get back to you with more information within 24 hours. Choose a suitable date, pay your $100.00 non-refundable retainer and get your session booked!

To make the process as easy for you as possible, I offer a variety of payment plans including PayPal, Credit Card, and Direct Debit. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any queries.

All sessions (including seasonal Mini Sessions) come complete with a detailed, straightforward Style & Preparation Guide straight to your inbox, access to my luxurious Client Wardrobe for Mum’s and Newborns, and Outfit Consultation via email. I want you to have an easy, stress-free experience, to feel seen, nurtured and beautiful.

I know it can be challenging being in front of the camera, but leave it to me to pose, prompt, guide and direct you every step of the way. I know exactly how to bring out genuine moments of love, joy, and connection. I promise you’ll feel comfortable in front of my lens and grateful for the experience with your family. So, embrace the chaos and go with the flow, because that’s how beautiful photos are made!

Finally, the moment you’ve been anticipating! You’ll receive your password-protected online gallery of joyful, loved up photos within 4 weeks of your session date. An a la carte menu of beautiful, high-quality products are available to purchase in the SHOP section of your gallery, including heirloom albums, fine art prints and additional digital images.


Megan was able to so perfectly capture “us” as we are. Our personalities, our connection, our love, our naturalness.


Timeless, natural, heartfelt photography for sentimental families.

No matter whether you’re enjoying time with your family as the sun sets on another day or embracing each other in the quiet comfort of your own home, I promise you’ll be too busy taking joy in the special time you’re sharing with your loved ones to worry about the camera.

Instead of standing, awkwardly saying ‘cheese’, you’ll have fun playing, exploring and laughing and your personalities, love and connection will be evident in every photo.

Your gallery will be more than just a collection of photos. It will show you the heart and soul of your family. A beautiful, tangible record of who you are, who you love and all the big and little things that are important in the life you share together.

Beautiful, enchanting memories that you’ll want to keep sharing together for years to come.

Your magical moments, forever.